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golf resort in bermuda
Bermuda Golf Resort
bermuda resort hotel Perched amid the blue-green waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda is unlike any other island destination you may be familiar with.

Lush, tropical surroundings, splendid and unusual pink-hued beaches, and a selection of cultural attractions and sporting options are all excellent reasons for visiting these islands.  Furthermore, Bermuda has a distinct air of British propriety and a unique European flavor.  Visitors will cherish memories of the islands' pastel-toned homes, ubiquitous flower gardens, charming winding streets, and gracious, friendly people.

Bermuda consists of 150 tiny islands located about 570 miles off the coast of North Carolina.  Collectively, these islands encompass only 21 square miles of land.  Bermuda was discovered by the Spanish in the 16th century, and became an English colony during the 17th century.  Today, afternoon tea and conservative British values rule.  Both Bermudans and tourists zip around on mopeds, as cars are not available for rent on this island.  Public bus and ferry services are readily available.  Bermuda's vacation facilities and activities include restaurants, tennis courts, and golf courses as well as marinas and beaches.

Bermuda Accommodations

bermuda map
Bermuda Map

Accommodations vary widely in Bermuda, ranging from large, full service resort hotels with beaches, swimming pools, and spas to Bermudian cottage colonies, guest houses, and bed and breakfasts.

Hotels offer the conveniences of home, and most have additional amenities like dining, swimming pools, and fitness rooms.  If you are looking for excellent dining and a short walk to the beach, the Grape Bay Beach Hotel may be just the ticket.  Vacationers looking for peace and quiet may enjoy the historical elegance and beautiful gardens at the Harmony Club.  Active vacationers may enjoy the Mid Ocean Club's golf amenities, while those looking for a small and intimate hotel may want to try either the Rosedon Hotel or The Reefs.

Cottages are a popular choice on Bermuda.  Cottages usually offer all of the amenities of hotels, but visitors are lodged in separate small cottages away from the main residence, making this an ideal choice for privacy seekers.  Visitors looking for seclusion and privacy should check out Ariel Sands, while 9 Beaches is known as perhaps the most casual cottage resort on Bermuda.  Active individuals and families may appreciate all that the Coral Beach & Tennis Club has to offer, while those looking for a sophisticated experience will enjoy Waterloo House.

bermuda hotel sunset
Sunset on a
Bermuda beach

Vacationers who are looking for a small, cozy, and intimate experience may want to try out one of Bermuda's many Bed & Breakfasts.  History buffs will love Aunt Neas Inn at Hillcrest, an 18th century home that features canopies and sleigh beds.  Granoway is the perfect choice for anyone looking for water views, large rooms, and private bathrooms, while the Oxford House is a luxury town house with spacious rooms and all amenities.

For those looking for an all-in-one experience, a resort might be the best choice.  Most Bermuda resorts are right on the beach and offer dining, activities, and entertainment, as well as lodging, right on their properties.  Visitors looking for friendly service and full amenities might want to try Coco Reef, while those looking to relax and enjoy spa services will appreciate Elbow Beach.  For active individuals and families, Grotto Bay Resort offers a full menu of activities, including water sports, diving, and tennis.

Bermuda Meal Plans

A variety of plans are offered:  the Bermuda Plan (room and breakfast), Continental Plan (room and light breakfast), Modified American Plan (room, breakfast and dinner), European Plan (room only), and the American Plan (room, breakfast, lunch and dinner).  Some accommodations offer kitchens, kitchenettes, or maid services, which provide breakfast in cottage units.

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